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This is a vintage My Little Ponies from the 80's turned into My Crystal Ponies.

Due to their age, some of them do have minor flaws from being loved previously by another family. Flaws could be discoloration or small marks--see pictures.


These are very delicate and are meant for to be displayed, rather than played with. Having one in your nearby will bring healing energy into your space.


Listing is for one pony, please select which one you want.


All aura crystals have excellent healing energy in the body and are able to cleanse and heal your auric field. They have the ability to calm your body and activate your chakras. These stones are said to attract wealth and success, as well as aid your spiritual growth.


Aura Quartz is clear Quartz that has been enhanced by precious metals. Clear Quartz on its own is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier, which absorbs and regulates energies of the body. When Aura Quartz is made it becomes a very high-vibrational stones, cleansing and enhancing the organs, stimulating the immune system, and bringing the body into balance. They are great for opening the pineal glad.​ Aura Quartz crystals provide a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to one's aura. They are great for releasing negativity and stress. They have the ability to help one see and connect to the beauty that surrounds us all. These crystals are uplifting to the spirit and promote hope and optimism. ​A great way to use these stones is during meditation. When doing so, aura quartz can allow one to enter a deep state of serenity and peace, in order to reach a higher place of consciousness while deepening one’s connection to the Divine. Each of the various colors raise the vibrational rate of the chakras to accommodate expanded consciousness. They align your chakras and create balance within the body. 

Sunburst - My crystal Pony


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