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This is our Climbing Crystroll. He is "kid" size. Stands about 5 inches tall. Belly jewel color is up to you. Please state which color you prefer when ordering.

His head rotates so he can look over each of his shoulders. His hands clasp together so he can hang or "climb" from various things in your home. 

Climbing Crystroll

  • This is an original troll doll repurposed to have crystal hair. 


    Quartz is a powerful healing tool, and is often used during meditation. Quartz has the ability to be programmed with your intentions, and this makes it a powerful stone to use to assist you in manifesting the things you desire. If you have a cluster of quartz in your vicinity, it will amplify its healing attributes out into the room where it is located.

    Crystal hair can vary from original picture, as each one is made to order.  No two are exactly the same, making each one special and unique.


Crystroll Add-Ons

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