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This plant blooms and has a flower open up in the center.  Once the flower blooms, the mother plant starts to produce pups, which turn into new plants. They start growing off the mother plant and can be plucked off once they reach 1/3 the size of the mother to then survive on their own. Each of these blooming plants can produce up to 12 different pups, in turn giving you new plants each time.


Tillandsia are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States, and the West Indies. These plants grow without soil, and are drought friendly.

Easy care-- directions included with purchase. 

Blooming Plantroll

  • This is an original troll doll repurposed to have plant hair. Great gift!


    Air plants do not require soil in order to grow or survive.  Plant care instructions included with purchase.


    Belly jewel color is up to you. Please state which color you prefer when ordering.  If no color is specified, color will be chosen for you.  


    Plant hair can vary from original picture, as each one is made to order with a different plant.  No two are exactly the same, making each one special and unique.

Crystroll Add-Ons

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