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This is our Unicorn Crystroll.


Based on the troll we have available at the time of order, some may be holding a crystal piece in their hand, and some may not.

Sending you all healing energy today from my horn (third eye chakra, center of intuition) to cleanse and remove negative energy. We unicorns are of the angelic world and are all knowing, all seeing creatures. It is our job to use our high vibrational energy to help heal the world. Please absorb the pure love I am radiating towards you right now. ✨✨✨✨✨❤️✨✨✨✨✨

Unicorn Crystroll

  • This is an original troll doll repurposed to have crystal hair. 


    Quartz is a powerful healing tool, and is often used during meditation. Quartz has the ability to be programmed with your intentions, and this makes it a powerful stone to use to assist you in manifesting the things you desire. If you have a cluster of quartz in your vicinity, it will amplify its healing attributes out into the room where it is located.


    Crystal hair can vary from original picture, as each one is made to order.  No two are exactly the same, making each one special and unique.


Crystroll Add-Ons

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