This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Mommy Sweet Celebrations, she's one of the Loving Family Ponies from Year 7.  Mommy Sweet Celebrations is a light blue earth pony with light blue eyes and pink hair. Her symbols are pink balloons tied with purple strings and pink and purple confetti. Her symbols cover the sides of her body, similar to the Twice As Fancy Ponies.


Design your vintage My Little Pony into your dream My Crystal Pony!



Type of crystals for hair

Type of flowers

Unicorn horn (note: some vintage ponies come with their own horn already, but if not we will attach one)


For further specifications, please attach a note to our special instructions area.


All aura crystals have excellent healing energy in the body and are able to cleanse and heal your auric field. They have the ability to calm your body and activate your chakras. These stones are said to attract wealth and success, as well as aid your spiritual growth.

Sweet Celebrations - Build Your Own My Crystal Pony