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This is our Summer Sprite Crystroll. Stands about 7 inches tall (adult size).  Can be made with or without wings.


Sprites are known to live in deep woods. Some make their homes high in the branches of trees while others prefer to live near ponds and streams. They particularly love to live in the forests and enjoy cool weather and a calm, serene environment. If sprites are spotted, it is a sign that the area has a high concentration of faerie activity.


Each type of sprite has a different specialty.

Spring Sprites are responsible for helping trees and plants to shake off the Winter's snow, they help budding leaves, trees to bear fruit, and care for all creatures great and small. They can communicate with animals. Painting ladybugs, teaching baby birds to fly, and helping squirrels find nuts are some of their favorite duties.

Summer Sprites take care of everything that grows out of the soil. They plant seeds, train sproutlings, help plants grow, keep leaves green and give blooming flowers their colors. They also help flowers open and fruit ripen at the proper time.

Autumn Sprites help turning the leaves, plucking them away once they've lost their radiance. They gather seeds and help animals prepare for winter.

Winter Sprites go deep into the trees and sing to the roots to keep the trees company during the long lonely winter, as the trees miss the birds and squirrels terribly. If the sprites aren't there to soothe the trees they sometimes don't make it to the next Spring. 

Summer Sprite Crystroll

  • This is an original troll doll repurposed to have quartz crystal hair. 

    Quartz is a powerful healing tool, and is often used during meditation. Quartz has the ability to be programmed with your intentions, and this makes it a powerful stone to use to assist you in manifesting the things you desire. If you have a cluster of quartz in your vicinity, it will amplify its healing attributes out into the room where it is located.

    Crystal hair can vary from original picture, as each one is made to order.  No two are exactly the same, making each one special and unique. 

Crystroll Add-Ons

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